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Why is (1.61803399) considered the golden ratio?

Why is (1.61803399) considered the golden ratio?
The golden ratio is special. That's why it is also known as the divine proportion, golden mean, or golden section. It’s a powerful number mathematically. For example, in the universe of all ratios, it is the only one where the ratio of the large part to the small is the same as the ratio of the large part to the sum of the large and small. This fractal property plays into physics in many ways. 
The golden ratio, in its integer form is the Fibonacci sequence, where the ratio of each sequential pair of such numbers approximates the golden ratio and terminates at its limit at exactly the golden ratio. It holds a record. Of all series, it approaches its limit faster than any other.
It holds a second record. In it’s continued fraction form, it approaches its limit slower than any other, due to the fact that it uses only 1s. And this limit plays deeply into physics. The KAM theorem shows that tori in nature are more probable when the rat…

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