"A Magnificent Achievement of the Human Mind"

Remember in the not-so-distant past Rep Jerry McNerney addressed Congress about a mathematical breakthough? The breakthrough made headlines shortly after it was announced by the American Institute of Mathematics, a leading institute in the mathematics world . And it related to a calculation describing a structure known as E8, which if jotted on a piece of paper, was said to literally cover an area the size of Manhattan.
E8 is a 248 dimensional Lie group which explains the symmetries of a 57 dimensional object.  
In this video snippet of Rep Jerry McNerney addressing Congress,  he thanks the American Institute of Mathematics, MIT, Cornell University, University of Michigan, University of Utah and the University of Maryland, for creating a mathematical breakthrough made possible by congressional support of the National Science Foundation.

McNerney concludes his Congressional address as follows:
 “Mapping out such an object is a magnificent achievement of the human mind. Connections between E8 and string theory indicate that physical applications of E8 will eventually emerge. The participants are to be commended for their work that has expanded the limits of human knowledge, and brings hitherto unknown beauty and power to our human condition.”
Our work at Quantum Gravity Research (QGR)  focuses on what we refer to as emergence theory.
What’s E8 got to do with It?! Everything!
These are just a few presentations of many that focus on E8:

Here is a recent presentation E8 and the 4-DimensionalQuasicrystal about E8-to-4D quasicrystal and the 600 cell given by Fang Fang a research scientist here at QGR.
Ray Aschheim of QGR shows in The Golden Ratio (Phi) Emerges from E8 video, that the golden ratio is at the heart of the spectrum of the E8 Lattice. We compute the 9 eigenvalues of the Cartan Matrix of E9, which encodes all the properties of the E8 Lattice, and discover that 4 of them are directly related to the square of the golden ratio. This new ontology is detailed in a chapter of a recent book published by Minkowski Institute Press about General Relativity, available since last week.
Here, Raymond Aschheim, a research scientist at QGR, talks about the emergence of the quasicrystalline spin network from an algebraic point of view in E8 to Dirichlet Integers and Spin Network Code presentation.  This includes a discussion of how the golden ratio is encoded algebraically in E8.
Click here for a more complete body of research work.  And here is our Quantum Gravity Research Youtube channel which includes our short movie What Is Reality in which emergence theory is explained in it's current state of development. 


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