Musings on Where Humanity Is Headed

There is probably life somewhere within most solar systems. But not necessarily high consciousness life. 

If a mutant lion strain become significantly more intelligent than its prey, it would destroy itself. This is how the biosphere grows and maintains symbiosis. The shark is far more evolutionarily advanced than the homo sapiens. These may appear to be seemingly random free-flow thoughts I'm throwing out here, but I'm going somewhere with all of this. 

Some people have a distorted perception that humans are at the top of an evolutionary hierarchy. We are not more physically gifted or evolved than any other animal and we are less so than many.

There have been 100 million species so far on this planet. And this, over a duration of one-third the age of the universe. And with the vast collection of different DNA instances, only once did an animal become so far out of balance and freakishly intelligent than the rest of the biosphere. 


A statistician will tell you that is a throwaway number. 

You cannot presume that our sophisticated level of abstraction, intelligence and ability to discover mathematics and the code by which the universe works, to project our consciousness forward and backwards in time, create story and intrigue, is something that occurs approximately once out of every 100 million species on a given biosphere. 

In fact, because it has only occurred once and not twice or thrice, a statistician will explain to you that it will probably never occur at all, other than that one time. 

Why didn’t the biosphere correct this imbalance, as it usually does? After all, we almost wiped out much of the biosphere including ourselves in a nuclear holocaust.

But we didn’t. We’ve been fortunate. 

Instead, for the last several decades, life expectancy has been increasing and violent crime globally has been decreasing year after year. Access to clean water and shelter has gone up every year. Infant mortality has plummeted. Pandemic diseases have all but disappeared. Access to information is skyrocketing. In the last 1/8000th of the time that life has been on this planet, a species evolved that had the ability of abstract thought.

In 1961, one of those animals escaped the biosphere all together and made it into outer space. Since then, the information age has come upon us. First, slowly and most recently, at hyper speed. 

Today, technology itself is a form of organized information combined with matter — evolving. And it is accelerating at an exponential clip. It is unprecedented and nobody knows where it is going. But there is one thing we can say for sure about it. In our lifetime, it will enable the human species to begin spreading our high consciousness, abstract thought and exponentially exploding high technology throughout the rest of the universe.

I’m a shareholder in a company called MoonExpress. We’re going to be exploring the moon and are the first company to receive government permission to leave the atmosphere. There are other companies who are joining us — some of them are doing space tourism and others are mining asteroids. There was a short delay since we went to the moon in the 60s because technology needed to catch up with our desire to spread out beyond this planet. But now it is the eve before the morning of the human species going outwards.

What does that mean for the universe?

A tiny bit of math: doubling algorithms always halt after only a few iterations.  For example, if a few million bacteria on an apple were to double more than just a few times, it would take over all the mass and energy in the universe. You can hit the x2 button 80 times on your iPhone calculator in 30 seconds. It doesn’t sound like a big deal for some bacteria to double 80 times. But if they did, that would be a number larger than every atom in every galaxy in the entire universe.

Why do doubling algorithms halt almost as soon as they start? Because of resource limitation. Humans will leave the biosphere en mass very soon. Resource limitation will not cease until we have spread out to enjoy the rest of the energy in the universe. Expansion beyond this planet is logically inevitable at this point. I was born in 1965 and grew up in the era of realistic expectation of nuclear war with Russia and at the time technology such as robotics, infinite computing, ubiquitous broadband networks, digital manufacturing, nanomaterials, synthetic biology, and many other exponentially growing technologies did not exist as a solution to a possible impending disaster. 

There simply is no plausible scenario that is going to stop us from spreading beyond this planet. There’s a lot of awesome Hollywood stuff about apocalypses… aliens, zombies, viruses, nuclear and so on. And a lot of doomsayer writers make money off of it. But if you look at the hard data, the story is just not plausible. My friend Peter Diamandis wrote a great book about this, called Abundance. It just lays out the hard statistical data and it is incontrovertible. 

The world is getting better in almost every way you can think of. And fast.

So, again, what does that mean for the universe? 

What does it mean for high consciousness to sequester all of the mass and energy in the entire universe?

Do we stay the same? 

Does our consciousness stay approximately like how it is now? 

Do we discover new physics and does our technology continue to exponentially double? And if it does, do we have the ability in the near future to hijack our own evolution? If we did, I wouldn’t mind being smarter. In fact I wouldn’t mind being able to have my consciousness divided into two and then up-regulated so that neither of the two is diluted. That way I can have a debate with my wife and a conversation with one of my colleagues at work at the same time. If that technology were available and it was not harmful would you try it out?

And if you could do something like that, wouldn’t it just be a matter of scale to do that in such a way that you could have a conversation with every person on the planet at the same time and then somehow remember all of it?

The point is that we are about to experience magnitudes of consciousness and forms of consciousness limited only by our imagination. We will move into an era where we are no longer limited by scientific and technological lack of understanding.

If there were a psychic technology or quantum technology of some sort that allowed you to participate in a collective consciousness with 10 of your best friends or with the whole human species would you give it a try?

I would.

If there was a technology that allowed you to be your wife for one day would you do it? And I don’t mean to just take over her body. I mean to actually be her. To think through the lens of her fears and her beliefs. And if you did, would your relationship with her be forever transformed for the better?

Generally, whatever is imaginable will eventually occur when the technology catches up. For those of you who read this, you have just imagined it. So it’s just a matter of time. I’m sure many of you have thought of these ideas before now. Or not. 

I have a funny feeling that humans play a very special role in the universe self-actualizing itself.

–Klee Irwin.

(This I originally wrote in Kathmandu, Nepal on September 21st, 2016 while attending the International Conference on Quasicrystals. Since that time, Quantum Gravity Research has expanded and our work has evolved and developed. )

Excerpt from my The Code Theoretic Axiom: The Third Ontology paper :

"Like the very beginning of the bacterial doubling algorithm, from this early stage, it appears that consciousness is a trivial influence existing in the tiniest fraction of the overall energy – merely along for the ride while the ordinary physical forces determine everything. However, if a doubling algorithm gets started by a species that has escaped its biosphere and which has discovered anon-local quantum gravity theory, and technologies derived therefrom, transtemporal forms of consciousness could emerge. In this case, it would not be illogical to entertain the possibility that this supernovae of exponentially exploding consciousness defines the future of the universe from our vantage point and is the irreducible foundation of the universe when spacetime as a whole is considered. We might even go so far as to conjecture that this might tie into the observed acceleration of the rate of expansion of the universe. That is, exponential algorithms on increasingly connected networks have an exponential growth curve, wherein the rate of exponential growth itself exponentially increases."

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  1. Love this article! If i have my way, that's exactly how i'd have it too. immortal, able to swap bodies and all that.
    I have a very generalized idea of how to get us there, I'm missing chunks of information though. those nanotubules in the neuroprotective layer I believe are the interface of the brain's neural net, with a "quantum gravity field system" let's call it, i like to think of it as the soul, but semantics aside, what you are saying can be done, though memory may still need to be recorded.
    There should be a system for that as well, and I have some ideas, but it's all just rough draft Ideas that perhaps you could help me hammer out.

  2. The videos that have documented your group's discussions are very exciting, even though an informed layperson like myself can barely apprehend the content of these discussions. What is striking is how productive the QSN theoretic seems to be, and how rich the opportunity for comprehensible metaphors, like "projection" The notion of a syntax with no upper limit for production is analogous to discourse in human language, and is therefore fascinating. My intuition loves the notion of an emergent cosmology that has ontological roots. That your group has evidently managed to reconcile Einstein with Bohr is nothing short of remarkable, and terribly exciting. Keep putting out these awesome videos.


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