Why is (1.61803399) considered the golden ratio?

Why is (1.61803399) considered the golden ratio?

The golden ratio is special. That's why it is also known as the divine proportion, golden mean, or golden section. It’s a powerful number mathematically. For example, in the universe of all ratios, it is the only one where the ratio of the large part to the small is the same as the ratio of the large part to the sum of the large and small. This fractal property plays into physics in many ways. 

The golden ratio, in its integer form is the Fibonacci sequence, where the ratio of each sequential pair of such numbers approximates the golden ratio and terminates at its limit at exactly the golden ratio. It holds a record. Of all series, it approaches its limit faster than any other.

It holds a second record. In it’s continued fraction form, it approaches its limit slower than any other, due to the fact that it uses only 1s. And this limit plays deeply into physics. The KAM theorem shows that tori in nature are more probable when the ratio of inner to outer diameters is irrational.  A follow up work showed that the probability of finding tori in nature, scales with the rank of irrationality of the aforementioned torus dimensions. Mathematicians prove the rank of irrationality of a number based on how slowly its continued fraction form approaches convergence. Accordingly, tori in nature with golden ratio based dimensions survive under perturbation more than any other, i.e., the probability or frequency of tori in nature ranks with how close they are described by the golden ratio. Note that an extruded torus is a vortex. And vortices exist in gravitational physics, quantum physics, and any physics related to fluid dynamic equations.

The shortest algorithm to distribute points on a sphere uses the golden ratio exactly because it is the most irrational of numbers.

And this too is a physical concept with respect to repelling charges in circular or spherical boundaries. There is much more. The golden ratio is the basis of all 300 of the known 3D quasicrystals discovered so far. This is a new state of matter discovered only in 1984, which won Dan Shechtman The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2011.

You can access our paper  'Quantum Walk on a Spin Network and the Golden Ratio as the Fundamental Constant of Nature'  here, which was published by Minkowski Institute Press. You can access and order the Minkowski publication, which is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the publication of General Relativity,  here: General Relativity 1916 - 2016. Selected peer-reviewed papers presented at the Fourth International Conference on the Nature and Ontology of Spacetime.

Our group, Quantum Gravity Research is one of the largest groups in the world working on unification physics. The basis of our formalism is quasicrystal mathematics. To learn more through our many presentations, including our "Quantum Chat" and "Raw Physics" videos, you can access on our Quantum Gravity Research Youtube Channel

Klee Irwin


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  2. The mathematics of the Golden Ratio is divided into two parts A and B. This can represent the absorption and emission of light photon energy that forms a process of continuous energy exchange. Mathematically we have to square section A to form the golden rectangle out of section B. If we continuously repeat this process with smaller and smaller rectangles we form the Fibonacci spiral. And this is exactly what we have within this process in the Subatomic world we have a square in the form of the charge of the electron being squared. The spontaneous absorption and emission of light photon energy forms a repetition of the process forming the Golden Angle 137.5 in the form of geometrical self-similarity. The golden ratio - 1.618 – forms the topology of space-time dictate how certain things in the universe take shape. Therefore we have the Golden Section not only to aspects of mathematics but also in physics, chemistry and biology. We see the Golden Mean in almost everything that is a process over a period of time. This is because the process forms a universal constraint that arises photon by photon as a process of continuous creation. In this way the Divine Proportion or Golden Ratio, represented by the Greek letter phi is a geometrical connection between two aspects of an object as the future unfolds with each new photon electron coupling or dipole moment. Some people think that our fine-tuned universe is simply a lucky coincidence and, under the multiverse theory, there are an infinite number of other universes that were not quite so lucky. But in this theory luck had nothing to do with it, our Universe is based on simple three dimensional geometry!

  3. Hey Klee, glad you're still at it. I'm honestly pretty lost at this point but y'all got my polite thumbs-up. I want to see a cool computer processor come out of this.

    I'm still writing too, just wrote this short note on progress in AI: https://mootyspoot.blogspot.com/2018/11/ai-get-it.html

    I also never thought I'd get into alternative health but now I run a foraging co-operative in Alaska. We're doing chaga and birch conks till the berry season and mostly loving the wilderness. I can't really call this alternative, though, just old school. And I'm pretty immune to believing or making overblown claims but fungus is definitely awesome. CBD + mushrooms, oh damn. We find freaking incredible stuff up here too (instagram.com/frontierforaging_, not my company but a lot of my pictures, we're chagacoop.com). Anyway, cheers to open minded communities and good health!


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